martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Unit 12: Jobs and Ambitions..Composition..

I study in URBE University. I'm Student of Public Accountant. I'm Honest, Punctual, Smart but sometimes I'm Disorganized, Sloppy and Lazy.

lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

Unit 12: Jobs and Ambitions. My Resume!

Maria Ollarves
4321 24th Street
Tel: 0416-7835216

URBE University, Venezuela, Zulia.

UPACCA, Vzla, Zulia-Ojeda city.
URBE university, Venezuela, Zulia-Maracaibo city.
Student. Public Account.

Can speak, read and write good Spanish and English so-so.

Microsoft Office, Internet explorer.

Unit 11 CLOTHING..Mariale's Clothes...

I'm wearing a Black T-shirt, a blue skirt and black sneakers...

She's wearing a white T-shirt, a blue jeans and beige boots.

miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Chinita's Day.!!

The Chinita is our mistress....In honor of our Virgen de Chiquinquira..... We love you...

Copied of

Copied of

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

The Halloween!!!!! BOOOoooo...........October 31!

Halloween (also spelled Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. It is largely a secular celebration but some have expressed strong feelings about perceived religious overtones.

The day is often associated with the colors black and orange, and is strongly associated with symbols like the jack-o'-lantern. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

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